Our granite recycling operations are at the heart of what we do at Earthscapes.

Unfortunately, up to 30% of a granite slab used to make countertops is cut off and discarded during the fabrication process.  This results in millions and millions of pounds of beautiful granite being added to landfills each year.  At Earthscapes, we reverse this wasteful practice and convert the granite cutoff into luxurious granite pavers.

We are pleased to partner with several local fabricators, who are equally committed to making northeast Florida a #zerowaste zone.  These fabricators reserve their cutoff material, which Earthscapes then collects.  We bring the material to our manufacturing facility and it begins its journey to being restored, repurposed and remarkable.

If you are a granite fabricator looking for a win-win scenario — we efficiently remove your cutoff material and you help save the planet — call us today We are always looking for more responsible suppliers to partner with in this venture.

Once at Earthscapes’ manufacturing facility, the material is sorted by size and color.  The material is then run through our dye press, creating our one-of-a-kind pavers.  Each paver is hand-cut and individually made.

After the pavers are stamped, they are cleaned in our high-pressure blasting station.  The pavers are stacked and stored according to size and ready to be used in your outdoor project.