Our service to you begins with your first phone call to our office and it does not end until your project is completed.  First, we work with you to determine the scope and design of your outdoor project.  In doing so, we consider your vision, personal tastes and budget.  Sometimes, our customers have very detailed ideas about their project.  Others may have a rough concept of changes they would like to make in their yard, but need professional help to create a design that can be enjoyed for years to come.  Under either scenario, Earthscapes is fully prepared to assist you in creating an optimal outdoor environment.

After determining the nature and scope of your project, we will provide you with a detailed estimate outlining the anticipated costs.  Our detailed proposals keep you as informed as possible and eliminate surprises and unexpected costs.  As a courtesy to our customers, we estimate your project for both concrete pavers and granite pavers.  Once we have reached an agreement as to the scope and cost of your project, we provide you with a projected timeline for the work to be completed.  We take time commitments seriously and strive to complete projects as quickly as possible without ever sacrificing quality.


Building a paver patio is one of the wisest and most impactful investments that you can make in your home.  Not only will a paver patio dramatically increase the resale value of your home, it also improve your quality of life, allowing you to enjoy our beautiful Florida weather year-round.  Our patios are designed to be visually appealing and comfortable.  Your friends and family will love gathering on your new patio, and you will feel as though you have doubled your living and entertaining space.

Although a wood or concrete patio may be less expensive initially, it will fade, splinter and crack in a few short years.  Conversely, paver patios are stable and long-lasting.  The easy maintenance and durability of paver patios make it a much more economical investment in the long run.

We have numerous excellent options for your paver patio in terms of both design and materials.  We can install patios of any shape and size.  Moreover, both concrete pavers and granite pavers are available in a variety of colors.


One of the most effective means of creating curb appeal and increasing the resale value of your home is to install a customized paver driveway.  Due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, paver driveways are a wise investment.

The weight borne by your driveway, coupled with the extreme heat and moisture that we experience in Florida, make your concrete driveway prone to cracking and discoloration.  But this is not the case with paver drivers, which are extraordinarily durable and easily maintained.

We have a variety of products to choose from for your driveway project, including granite and concrete pavers. We can also collaborate with you to customize the shape and style of your driveway.

We have the equipment and resources to quickly complete driveway projects.  Typically, the entire project (from demolition to final cleanup) is completed in a two-day timeframe.


If you have a swimming pool at your home, you have already made a significant investment.  Protect that investment by keeping your pool deck fresh and modern.

If your pool deck is showing evidence of wear and tear, Earthscapes can retrofit the pool area to make it as inviting and impressive as possible.  We have a variety of products to choose from for your pool deck, including granite and concrete pavers.  Regardless of the shape, size or age of your pool, we can create a refreshed look which will also compliment the appearance of your home.


Customized stairs and walkways are an excellent means of adding character and value to your home.  This customized look simply cannot be achieved with concrete or wood.  As you can see by the photographs on this page, these products are not only visually appealing but they also define areas and create a sense of flow to your outdoor space.

We have a variety of products to choose from for your walkway and/or stairs, including granite and concrete pavers.  Our designers will collaborate with you to customize the shape and style of your walkway and stairs, resulting in a one-of-a-kind look.


People from every generation, all backgrounds and all lifestyles can relate to the simple joy of gathering around a fire.  For some, gathering around a fire is the first step to great conversation and fun times.  For others, it’s a time of quiet relaxation.  At Earthscapes, we value opportunities to bring people together and nothing does that quite like the restorative power of a blazing fire.

We can customize your fire pit in terms of size, color, materials and accessories.



  • Granite pavers and natural stone

    We are the only Florida contractor that manufactures and installs its own reclaimed granite pavers.

  • Preconstruction and Design

    We proceed carefully through the estimation and pre-construction phases of your project to ensure that no detail is overlooked.  This ensures that your project will progress smoothly.

  • Hardscapes

    We are your one stop shop for hardscaping.   Patios, firepits, walkways, stairs, driveways — we do it all!

  • Miscellaneous Services

    In addition to our core services, we also provide screen enclosure repairs, landscape lighting and retaining walls.

  • Paver repair, cleaning and sealing

    Earthscapes now offers paver repair work, pressure washing, and sealing of existing pavers. Call or email us for more details.